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This regulation is intended for all those who frequent the FITNASTIC, either as a user or as a visitor. When you enter the club, you declare to be in good physical health and in agreement with the rules of order.


It will be displayed in the access corridors and everyone is supposed to have read it.


The use of FITNASTIC, by the users, implies the respect of the present rules of procedure. In case of non observance of this, the staff of FITNASTIC is entitled to take all necessary measures against offenders and reserves the right to deny them access or registration.



The respect of the places, the maintenance of the equipment as well as the cleanliness in the enclosure of the complex is the business of all.


The lobby is a working place and a frequent place of passage, so users are asked to adopt a calm and discreet attitude.


Access to the complex is strictly prohibited to:

· Anyone demonstrating behavior contrary to order and morality;

· Anyone presenting a danger to the health, hygiene and safety of other users;

· To people in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of illegal substances;

· People with signs of apparent nervousness manifested by threatening behavior;

· To people in a state of obvious neatness.

· Children under 16 years old. (except parental release: The application for affiliation must be submitted by the parent / legal representative who must also sign the parental release)



Each user must present and leave their membership card at the front desk to a staff member before going to the desired activity room. Each member declares to be in good health and able to practice sport.

- The use of a towel during training is mandatory;

- Wearing appropriate and clean sportswear (no clappers or sandals) is mandatory;

- Only use the devices for the purposes for which they are intended;

- The cleaning of the devices after their use is obligatory;

- After physical activity, return the materials to the locations provided for this purpose;

- It is not allowed to occupy machines without aim;


The transition to the locker room is mandatory to deposit his business. They are the only place to change clothes.

Any user, is invited to report immediately to the reception, any problem or damage found at his arrival or being occupied so that staff can remedy it as quickly as possible.

Any individual user is responsible for personal belongings there, users will take care not to leave any personal object unattended, it is advisable never to leave valuables in the locker room.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to lock the bin assigned to them.

The FITNASTIC declines any responsibility in the event of theft, deterioration or any damage that may be suffered by the property or persons within its facilities and that are not directly related to the activities.

It is forbidden to run in the locker room. For reasons of hygiene, it is not allowed to shave in the locker room

It is mandatory to wipe the body and feet out of the showers, the FITNASTIC declines any responsibility and case of fall.



In case of loss of object the FITNASTIC declines all responsibility.

If the object is found, it will be deposited in the basket of found objects or will be deposited at the reception if it is an object of value.



Each user is asked to keep the room tidy so that everyone can find comfort of practice. In addition, it is mandatory to replace the equipment after each use. No user is allowed to move the weight machines.


In order to avoid accidents and a rapid deterioration of the equipment, any user is requested to inform, as soon as possible, those responsible for any defect found in the equipment.


Cardio equipment cleaning after use is mandatory.


The use of a towel during training is mandatory.




Proper sports attire is required for all users.

The sportswear of the users must be adapted to the discipline and adapted to the requirements imposed by the installations.


The bare-chested torso is not allowed in the disciplines as well as in the hallways and at the reception.


Everyone is asked to respect the basic rules of community life such as picking up and / or putting in the bins provided for this purpose, bottles of water, paper and other detritus.


It is strictly forbidden to throw papers or any other waste on the floor. Garbage cans are available throughout the resort.



Respect for people is essential for everyone.

Any disrespectful behavior, rudeness or insolence, damage to the physical or moral integrity of individuals, degradation of the complex or material, will be liable to sanctions and / or legal proceedings.

Verbal / physical abuse is not tolerated;

Sexual harassment or sexual intercourse is not tolerated and if necessary, a complaint will be lodged in case of obstruction of the rules of procedure.



Fitnastic respects the provisions of the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy concerning the processing of personal data.

The person in charge of the processing of personal data of the Member is PROMO SPORT SPRL whose head office is located Rue du Duc 54 in 1150 Brussels.

Upon registration the Member transmits his personal data to Fitnastic, these will be recorded in the database of Fitnastic and processed in order to manage the customer file, the products and services offered, the realization of studies of market,. Personal data will not be transmitted to third parties, except companies related to Fitnastic (sponsoring etc.)

The Member has the right to request a free written survey of his / her personal data and, possibly, a correction of incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant data by means of a dated and signed request addressed to Fitnastic and accompanied by proof of the identity of the Member (copy of the identity card). Fitnastic will provide the survey no later than 45 days after receipt of the request.


The introduction on the site, possession, sale, purchase or consumption of illegal substances, toxic or harmful to the body (drugs or other products) are strictly prohibited. Anyone who contravenes this provision is liable to prosecution.

Smoking is not permitted upon entry into the Fitnastic Gym.

The FITNASTIC manager is at the disposal of everyone, in case of problems encountered. The office is located at the top of the stairs.



Fitnastic disclaims any liability to its members or any third party, except for its potential liability to its members due to Fitnastic's act or negligence.


Subscriptions and ticket book are individual. They are neither taken back nor exchanged nor refunded.

In case of absence, subscriptions are extended as follows:


6 months: 21 days

12 months: 21 days


For any other question regarding tickets or subscriptions, please ask the management.

Fitnastic reserves the right to ask for an ID and / or student ID card when registering.

Fitnastic reserves the right to request at any time a piece of identification to the member to verify if the member is the titular of the subscription.



· In case of loss of card a duplicate can be made against the sum of 10 €.

· In case of forgetting the card, the member is obliged to pay the session at the price of 10 €.



FITNASTIC reserves the right to refuse access temporarily or definitively to certain persons, for reasons that concern it, and to immediately cancel any membership contract












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